Kaz Designs

We don't use to blog furnitures but since Kaz Vanistok is a really good friend of us and he can build almost anything you wish,we made this post especially for him! ♡
Here you can see a sample of what he can do... A variety of armchairs with many poses included!
If you want you are free to contact him inworld...
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Hαngιng Ουt

On Cyanna:

Skin : [Al Vulo]~ Ninni / shine ( Coming this week )
Hair :[Raw House]~ Hilton / Jet
Belt :[Mandala]~Mikoto Belt / Black (silver)
Shoes :[Ncore]~Tribute / Turquoise
Pants :[-BC-]~Jeans / Light Blue
Shirt :[Calypso Giano]~Double Strap Top / F3
Tattoo :[Para Designs]~ Snake Bite
Bangles :[Zaara]~ Indra painted stacked bangles
Necklace :[Boom]~ GumBall Necklace

On Edalen:

Skin :[LAQ]~ Tess2 / 04
Hair :[e]~ Mood - Blonde / 07
Jeans :[Deetalez]~ Pants Extreme Lowrise Jeans / blue
Top :[LeLutka]~Ahura /cherry
Bracelets :[Mandala]~TakaraBangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring
Shoes :[Ncore]~ Tribute / Pink
Belt :[Hermony]~ Rock`nRolla-Belt
Necklace : [Shade Throne]~ The Perfect Tune Necklace / Silver Monochrome
Shades :[ YV]~ Stella - Round Sunglasses
Nails :[PM] Nail Platinum Edition / V2
Tattoo :[Para Designs]~Butterfly Medley

On Barbie:

Hair :[Mirai]~.+*Paum*+. / Darkbrown
Top :[Just Me]~ Top Manu / Turquoise
Sunglass :[Slug]~SureShot Shades / Black Gold
Earings :[Paper Couture]~Studded Gold Circles
Bangles :[Mons]~I don't mind banggles
Rings :[Mandala]~Sinra2 / Gold
Belt :[Mandala]~Mikoto Belt/Black/(gold)
Jeans :[Ronsem]~Black Jeans / Full
Shoes :[Ncore]~Tribute / Gold
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I love Black

Edalen is wearing:
Skin: INAYA Skin ~ Seyvane
Hair: =Mach=Opening Group Gift
Shirt: -paper.doll- LaurenTee: Black
Leggings: Mstyle Dotz Tights - Grey (NEW)
Shoes: N-Core TRIBUTE
Necklace:[[SHADE THRONE]] THE PERFECT TUNE NECKLACE - silver monochrome
Bracelets: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring
Shades: [SLUG] - SureShot Shades - Black Silver
Nails-Ring: Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Matte (NEW)
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C'est Moi

Ello girlz,
Me and Cy went for shopping and since C'est Moi is a store that deserves to be visited we decide to make a post for its NEW location!

btw you should visit this sim girls! its an alternative landscape great for pics and ofcourse unstoppable shopping!

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[al vulo] Ninni Skin

Hlin Bluebird is gonna release this really beautiful skin THIS WEEK at The Fashion Garret!!!
It has teeth and no teeth option and me and Edalen love it so so so much!
Thanks so much for this amazing skin Hlin,you are really amazing :D

--> Taxi
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I totally love those new paper.doll t-shirts.. They look great with chucks and high heels too :o
They come in great colours and you should totally go check them inworld :)

Cyanna is wearing:

Hair : !lamb. Wild Nothing
T-Shirts : -paper.doll- LaurenTees
Skirt : * [CALYPSO GIANO] Denim Skirt - CLASSIC - F1
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Wannabe Diva

On this pic im wearing:
Skin: [inaya] Skin -Avnah- (tan)
Hair: [e] Say (FREE)
Bodysuit: :::LiNe::: Amyp/White
Leggings: :::LiNe::: Extraordinary /Leopar
Shoes: N-core CHIC
Ear-Plugs: Nox. Plugs Gift

Ed <3
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casual during winter...

Edalen is wearing (left)...
Skin: *League* Skin Sunkiss -Taylor- BlackIce
Hair: fri. - Anna - Blacks
Sweater: *COCO*_FrillyBlouse&Sweater_Brown
Jeans: [NSD]- Femme Jeans/LightGray
Boots: *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown
Ring: Indy&Co.: Chablis Antique Rings

Edalen is wearing (right)...
Skin: *League* Skin Sunkiss -Taylor- BlackIce
Hair: fri. - Jasmine - Browns
Shirt: -paper.doll- LaurenTee: Black (NEW)
Coat: *COCO*_CheckSwingCoat_Gray
Jeans: [NSD]- Femme Jeans/LightGray
Boots: *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown

LMs: *COCO* / paper.doll
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[Al Vulo!] - Isha Skins

Here is my turn to show you one of my fav skins from Al Vulo..Isha skin is already out available at Faiskin and u have to go get it asap! Isha, as all skins from Hlin Bluebird comes in 3 different tones!!!

Ladies, your taxi --> HERE
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[Al Vulo!] Eliza skins

Hlin Bluebird's skins are all amazing!!!They come in 3 great tones,"bronze","cacoa" and "fairy"... If you wanna go grab demos for Eliza Skins you should visit SKINFAIR!!!
Thanks so much Hlin Bluebird for your amazing work & your support ♥

Taxi here --> TAXI
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In tOwn.

Cyanna is wearing :3

Skin : al vulo- isha* black swan claveage cacoa - AVAILABLE AT THE SKINFAIR -
Hair : !lamb. Heart
Coat : *COCO*_ModsCoat_Brown
Pants : *COCO*_SkinnyCargoPants_Taupe
Boots : Maitreya Gold * Shearling Boots Bistre
Shirt : *COCO*_TankTop-withSunglasses_White
Nails : Mstyle Perfect Oval Nails - FRENCH_2

Hope you enjoy it :3
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I ❤ αnimαl prιnt

Cyanna is wearing :
Skin : *League* Skin Suntan -Taylor-
Hair : Exile Rock Princess
Hair(middle picture) : ploom - Seffy II
Tattoo : {CASTEL} marilyn monroe
Shoes : *COCO*_Thong Sandal_Natural
Dress : *COCO*_MaxiDress_Giraffe

Many Thanks to cocoro Lemon for her amazing creations!
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Not much to say! You can only see a small sample of all the perfect mix n' matches you can do with new N-core shoes! We totally love them!
Go at store and try to choose colour..well..if you can't there is always the fatpacks ;)


Click HERE for lm!
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Whats ur Team??

Edward or Jacob Fan?

Hair: !lamb. Honey
Skin: al vulo- isha* black swan (FAIRSKIN)
Shorts: /artilleri/ Johanna highwaist shorts *dark blue*
Shirt: /artilleri/ Team Jacob tees
Shoes-Socks: N-core TRIBUTE
Belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Red
Bracelets: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring
Flower(head): /artilleri/ Hibi hair flower
Bag: (Milk Motion) My tote bag *couple*

Hair: >TRUTH< Ava
Skin: al vulo- isha *black swan (FAIRSKIN)
Pants: /artilleri/ nina highwaist *yellow*
Shirt: /artilleri/ Team Edward tees
Shoes: N-core CHIC
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture - Weathered Snap Belt - Black
Flower(head): /artilleri/ orchid hair flower
Tattoo: Ink'D Up! :Triumph:
Necklace: Gypsys! scissor necklace (silver)
Nails-Rings: (part of) [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring

Many thanks to Antonia Marat for these awesome retro outfits! Thanks for ur support! <3
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Shape Barbie POp by [Nico Teen Love]

C1ndy Decosta makes amazing shapes!!! You should totally try them! ;)

Skin : al vulo- isha* black swan claveage cacoa -AVAILABLE AT THE SKINFAIR!
Hair : RAW HOUSE :: Hilton
Shirt : * [CALYPSO GIANO] Double Strap Top - Color - F5
Shoes : N-core TRIBUTE
Flower(Head) : /artilleri/ orchid hair flower
Watch : * [CALYPSO GIANO] WATCH - Classic White
Necklace : Gypsys! scissor necklace (silver)
Tattoo : Ink'D Up! :Triumph:
Nails & Rings : [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring
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Grixdale.Emery Skins!

Hello Girls!!! Tyr Rozenblum did an amazing job with those skins! I'm totally in love with them and it's always hard to choose just one to wear!
Each make-up has (day & night) version which the makeup gets a little darker or the lips change! Is totally amazing and you should totally TRY THEM!!!
Available at the SKINFAIR...

Here's your ---> TAXI <---
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Idiosyncrasy "Ella" FAIRSKIN

Not much to say..i totally love these skins!
Comes in dark/natural/pale tones! Above u can see a small sample of all the awesome skins from Idiosyncrasy!
More classic makeups at pack 1 and kinda artsy makeups at pack 2...

preview of the Natural tone (pack 2)

preview of Pale tone (pack 1)

Each skin comes with light and dark brows, 2 cleavage options, light and dark hairbases and 6 lipstick options, making the skin more "you" than ever.
As a bonus, the fat packs contain a full body freckle tattoo, with anatomically correct placement, not only on the face, but arms, shoulders, legs etc!

Available exclusively at the 3rd Vanity Universe Skin Fair, February 20th- March 6th.
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Into the Music...

Edalen is wearing:
Skin:Idiosyncrasy Ella Pale 4 (FAIRSKIN)
Hair:!lamb. Honey
Pants:-BC- Jeans Pink (NEW!)
Shirt:-paper.doll- LaurenTee: GreyLeopard (NEW!)
Shoes:N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift"
Belt:~ Pepper~ Belt - Multi FEMALE (btw, Pepper has sale -50L- all the items outside store)
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-=IrEn=- Skinfair skins

Go grab em all! They're available only in Skinfair!
Take your taxi and RUN!!!
---> TAXI <---
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Cy (left) is wearing:
Skin:al vulo- isha* black swan cleavage cacoa (Fairskin)
Hair:Exile Artemis/twilight
Skirt:C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt No. 1 - darkblue
Shirt:C.Smit - Satin Sexy Top No. 1 - darkblue
Gloves:C.Smit - Satin Gloves No. 1 - darkblue
Shoes:Peqe - G Wedge_ Gray Leopard
Earrings: *BOOM* Skinny Plastic Earrings

Ed (right) is wearing:
Skin:al vulo- eliza * blu almound claveage fairy (Fairskin)
Hair:>TRUTH< Blake - seaspray
Skirt:C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt No. 1 - black
Shirt:C.Smit - Satin Sexy Top No. 1 - black (shirt)
Gloves:C.Smit - Satin Gloves No. 1 - black
Shoes:Peqe - G Wedge_Black Zebra

Taxi : C.Smit / Peqe / Truth / Exile / Fairskin
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Pop my World!

Cyanna is wearing:
Skin: [CheerNO Femme] Camille Sunkissed
Leggings: (Milk Motion) My cut-out leggings (high waist)
Hair: [YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-20-=BLONDE=
Shoes: Fume' - High Keira_Tartan (black)
Shirt: fri. - Capsleeve Tee (Black)
Skirts: 1.(left) *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Pink Dotthies 2.(right) *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Yellow Hearts
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[CheerNo Femme] Camille Skins

Hello all,
here is the new skin from [CheerNo] called "Camille"!

You can see 2 different tones of it and of course dont forget to buy the awesome lipstick addons that comes in 12 amazing colours!

Take your taxi HERE

We'd like to thank Kira Ahn! You are great! <3
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Cyanna is wearing:
Skin: -BC- Skin - Make ups - Tan - Emerald Freckles
Shirt: Emery - Dress Kezno Upper ( part of Kezno dress - old at TDR )
Pants: -BC- Jeans Light Blue
Shoes: -LMK- Simple Pumps (Cream) - Platforms (Thin Heel)
Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing
Tattoo: Ink'D Up! :Blessed:
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-BC- Ginger Skin

Byrds Cale did an amazing work with that skin! All makeups are great! And I love the cleavage tattoo layer so much!
So girls..
Take ur taxi and run to her store :D

-BC- : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Ahadi/27/44/28

SKIN : -BC- Ginger Skin
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This is my LOTD! ;)

Cyanna is wearing:

Skin: :Curio: Sundust-Ice Queen-Charcoal
Hair: !lamb. - Lover
Tattoo: Ink'D Up! :Triumph:
Pants: [PO] Venetia Leggins - black
Shoes: N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift"
Belt: [MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Black
Bracelets & Nails: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Black Fur , leather, Nail & ring
Jacket: [PO] Rocket Girl Jacket - black
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Here's Cyanna's look of the day :)
Here are the details :p

Skin: -MONS- Special Skin for Fashion House
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Hilton
Pants: [NV] 2011 PANTS adidas
Shoes: 2REAL - PURE
Shirt: DeeTaleZ Tops Sportcollection top
Tattoo: Ink'D Up! :Triumph:

Muchos ♡
Cy :)
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Cyanna is wearing:
Shirt: [arnadi] - Short Tshirt Killer Heartbreaker girl
Pants: {paper.doll} SpencerTrousers
Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin Promo - Nov. VIP
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Evelyn
Plugs: Nox. Hoppla Plugs [Flowerz]

Shirt: [arnadi] - Short Tshirt S.Valentin 2011 girl
Pants: {paper.doll} SpencerTrousers
Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Warmth - Stained A2
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Evelyn
Plugs: Nox. Chromatic Plugs [Drag Queen]

Love arnadi's new shirts.. If you like em too go and grab em
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Hello to everyoneee!
Cyanna is wearing:
Hair : RAW HOUSE :: Evelyn
Pants : DeeTaleZ pants EXTREME lowrise jeans
Shirt : RONSEM* Leather Cami
Tattoo : Ink'D Up! :Triumph:
Piercings : - V - Dirge Piercing
Boots : ::LEO-NT:: Lonely Bird Boots
Ear Plugs : Nox. Chromatic Plugs

This is my outfit of the day! So hope you enjoy it xD
Kiss kiss
While Listening to: http://youtu.be/TrxG1ew3ZwE
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Leo addiction

Cyanna is wearing :
Hair: [Anaphora]_Ana_Onyx
Feathers: ::LEO-NT:: Lonely Bird
Sweater: =Zenith=Blue Sweater+Checker(Female)
Shorts: ::LEO-NT:: WOOL Shorts
Leggins: RONSEM* Ripped Leggings / black
Boots: ::LEO-NT:: Lonely Bird Boots [black&grey]
Keychain: ::LEO-NT:: Summer Keychain rock & roll

Hope u love my outfit as much as I do!
Bye smexies for now <3
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And i continue with an outfit that i really love...
Most items are from :: SWEET LEONARD MAINSTORE ::
We love your work Lady <3
..so Ed is wearing...
Shorts: ::LEO-NT:: WOOL Shorts [coffee]
Glasses: ::LEO-NT:: I <3 AUTUMN Glasses
Boots: ::LEO-NT:: Lonely Bird Boots [black]
Keychain: ::LEO-NT:: Summer Keychain<3 *wood* (gotcha item)
Hair: Exile Jane/ash (FREE)
Skin: *CandyDoll* RIKA for Fashion House (50L)
Piercings: - .HoD. - Agony Piercing Set (Male and Female)
Socks: -LMK-Basic knee knit socks (Pack 2)
Sweater: (part of) *Crazy* Randi Dress

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Be My Valentine...

inspired from Valentine's day i decided to finally blog again :P
at this pic Edalen is wearing...

Hair: [Shag] - He Loves Me Knot (FH)(50L)
Skin: MONS / Jita Skin / Valentine's Day Exclusive (FH)(50)
Dress: *diavolicious* Love Is In The Air (50)
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Electric Red)
Earrings: *BOOM* Skinny Plastic Earrings -Red

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